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Corona Virus in Hargeisa

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله وبركاته

Here in Hargeisa there is not a sign of the Corona virus and life is as normal. The masaajid are aabad and the markets are also open.

The purpose is to make every aspect of life inhabited and prosperous which in my humble opinion is due to the fact that the lives of these people are free from major sins and their masaajid are aabaad. From a four year old child to a 85 year old man all performs salah in the masjid, and excessive recitation of the quraan e Kareem, So much so that the quraan majeed is embedded within them. When you pass by their homes you hear the sound of the recitation of the Quran by their women folk.

As a reward for these actions the whole world is in turmoil while they are in peace, most of the masaajid in the world are deserted while their masaajid are aabad.

Hospitality is of such a level that they are ready to sacrifice everything for their guests. As they found out that the time of the jamaats has finished and that the jamaats come out with minimal expenditure and that the jamaats resources have depleted they started going out of their way for the jamats in terms of ikram. (Bringing memories of the انصار of Madina).

These few words I will remember for the rest of my life

بلدنا بلدكم ديارنا دياركم مساجدنا مساجدكم وأنتم إخواننا ونحن خادمكم

“Our land is your land, our homes are your homes, our masaajid are your masaajid and you are our brothers and we are your khadims.”

I will never forget the occasion when an 85 year old man held my hand and said these words, and I couldn’t control my tears from falling. It left traces of love and brotherhood in my heart.

Anyways remember us in your people’s duas and especially the ladies that have left their young children at home who are longing for them. Far away from their loved ones and the comforts of their homes only with this object that the Deen of Allah comes alive in the entire world.

و سلام
ابو دجانه عمّار بن تصدق

Hargeisa Somaliland
29 April 2020

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