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Wafatnya Syeikh Dr. Khalid Mahmood

Allahu, Deoband juga turut bersedih;
Mendapat berita dukacita dari England bahawa telah Perginya ke-Rahmatullah Ulama Besar lagi Alim Maulana Syeikh Dr. Khalid Mahmood (Tokoh Senior Deoband) pada 14 Mei 2020 bersamaan 21 Ramadhan 1441H. Beliau yang berasal dari Pakistan merupakan Pengasas kepada Pusat Islam di Manchester London. Beliau antara sosok yang banyak mengarang kitab-kitab hadis dan tafsir kedalam bahasa Inggeris sehingga di Kota London bukunya menjadi bacaan mereka yang mahu mengenali islam.

Mendapat PhD in Comparative Religion dari University of Birmingham pada 1970. Debat-debat beliau dengan qadiani, barelvi, syiah, kristian, ghair muqallid dan lain-lain masyhur diperkatakan. Sayyid A’thaullah Syah pernah mengungkapkan sekiranya fitnah muncul pada waktu asar, menjelang maghrib sudah diselesai dibantahnya. Mufti Zarwali Khan juga memuji beliau katanya “Tidak ada tokoh senior Deobandi di dunia ini yang mampu mempertahankan Deoband dan Ahli Sunnah seperti beliau. Beliau adalah senior dan tokoh yang sangat pintar di dunia hari ini”. Mufti Abd Rahman sempat belajar dengan beliau tentang Kristian.

Beliau berguru dengan ramai Ulama’ Besar hadis seperti Maulana Zakariya Khandahlawi, Maulana Syamsul Haq Afghani, Syeikh Shabbir Ahmad Usmani dan ramai lagi. Beliau juga dikenali dengan pengetahuannya mengenai isu Fiqh dan perbandingan agama seperti Kristian, Yahudi, Hindu dan selainnya. Beliau pakar dalam banyak bidang pengetahuan Islam, Beliau juga telah mengarang lebih daripada 50 buah buku daripada pelbagai cabang ilmu islam. Kita doakan semoga Allah menempatkannya bersama-sama dikalangan hamba Allah yg beriman serta para auliya’ yang lain seterusnya mengangkat derajat beliau ke Syurga tertinggi inshaAllah, Ameen..

اللهم اغفر له وارحمه وعافه واعف عنه وأكرم نزله ووسع مدخله وأغسله بالماء والثلج والبرد ونقه من الخطايا كما ينقى الثوب الأبيض من الدنس وأبدله داراً خيراً من داره وأهلاً خيراً من أهله وزوجاً خيراً من أزواجه وأدخله الجنة
البقاء لله وحده

Maklumat penuh;

Today on Thursday 14th May Our ustaad and mentor Hazrat Allamah Justice Dr Khalid Mahmood sahib RA has parted from this world to meet his beloved Allah SWT

Alhamdulillah many of us were blessed enough to see him and study with him. One of the greatest and most approachable Scholars I have ever met, an Aalim that I was so amazed by yet his humbleness was a true model for all. I remember when Hazrat Allama sb RA came to Darul Uloom London on a visit and was asked to speak to the students, our respected ustaad Hazrat Mufti Faruq sb was sitting on the floor and Haazrat Allama sb stood from his chair and insisted Mufti Faruq sb sat on the chair instead. Hazrat Mufti Faruq sb out of respect preferred to sit on the floor. Hazrat Allama sahib refused to sit and gave the whole speech standing. He had much love for our Idaara and would often ask about how it was doing and his desire to visit us regularly.

On one occasion, me and some students of Darul Uloom London went to stay with him some years back in the month of Ramadan. We were about to observe suhoor. So to wash Hazrat Allama sahibs hands, I got a bowl of warm water. He looked at me and smiled, he said “for you I will use the water, otherwise when I put my hand inside it will become Musta’mal water and hence not be clean, the correct way is to get flowing water to wash hands”. But not to cause any upset and out of love he made use of the water whilst also teaching me my lesson.

Another time I was in his khidmah and I was blessed enough to be his driver when I would accompany him on journeys, we went to a jalsa that he was asked to conduct and were invited to a house for food. Hazrat Mufti Khanpuri sb was also invited, a host attempted to serve Mufti Khanpuri sb who remarked “I was a hifz student in Dhabel, Gurjrat whilst Hazrat Allama sahib was an ustaad there at that time, hence you should start with him.” Hazrat Allama sahib would never boast of himself, in fact many did not even know that he was an ustaad there or even who many of Hazrats Allama sahibs teachers were.

Whenever we would go to visit him he would insist we stay for a few days and host us, he would allocate a time that we could then sit in his company and would always start to teach us something that would have been boggling our minds for a duration. Yet without asking him he knew what exactly to say and when to say it.

Always researching, writing and concerned about the ummah. He was aware of current affairs and the fitna around us and continuously trying to find ways to counter any attack on Islam. Tackling subjects that many would be stuck on and avoid. Hazrat Allama sb wrote many books covering every angle, that one who reads can see the depth of his knowledge and how he would tackle any objections that others would make. A true defender of the quraan, hadith, honour of Rasul SAW and his companions RA. His love for the Quraan and sunnah was the utmost and even when ill and old age he never gave up teaching the tafseer of it and hadith.

He was the last one out of the three who contributed most to this country from the 1960’s , Hazrat Allama sahib, Hazrat Maulana Yusuf Mutala Sahib and Hazrat Hafiz Patel Sahib who were all together in Manchester at that time. Look how Allah swt took work from all three of these greats.

I will always remember this quote he told us in Darul Uloom London:

“What is the difference between us and them (non muslims)? Only one thing, they say that development (Taraqqee) is in the future (technology) and we say it is in the past (sunnah of Rasul SAW)

May Allah SWT fill his grave with noor, elevate his status in Jannatul Firdous and allow him to be with those he truly loved, i.e our Beloved Rasul SAW and the companions RA. May Allah SWT accept the efforts of his Khudamaa, Hazrat Mufti Faizur Rahman sahib, Maulana Saqlain sahib and others. And may Allah swt allow us to follow his footsteps in doing khidmah of the Deen.

Mohammed Dawood

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